Dr. Silva

Dr. Louisa Mary Theresa Silva
1954 - 2018
Curry Stone Foundation Board Member


Dr. Louisa Mary Theresa Silva

(1954 – 2018 )


Louisa Silva passed away peacefully [due to complications with cancer] at her home in Salem, Oregon, surrounded by her family and friends.


Louisa was born in England (September 24, 1954) and spent her childhood in Australia. She graduated from UCLA Medical. During her training, she worked in Ireland, Bangladesh, Mexico, and India.  Upon completion of medical school, Louisa worked with the rural poor at the Daniel Boone Clinic in Kentucky.


Dr. Silva moved to Oregon and became one of Salem’s first female medical doctors. She was Medical Director at Willamette University and entered the medical partnership of Drs. Morrison & Holmes.  She focused on learning about the whole person and treating the cause of illness, rather than the symptoms. To further her ability to solve complicated medical problems, she trained in osteopathy, earned a master’s degrees in public health, and licensing in acupuncture.


Dr. Silva opened her own general practice, complementing Western Medicine with Acupuncture. She integrated her practice with scientific research that blossomed into the fields of pediatric autism, downs syndrome, and cerebral palsy.


Dr. Silva worked for public health and community vitality at many important levels. Dr. Silva co-founded La Clinica de Guadalupe with Delight Stone for the uninsured, low income, Spanish speaking population of Salem. Dr. Silva worked in opposition to the Kinross Copper Mine in the Salem Watershed.  She served on the Governor’s Willamette River Task Force. She was a member of the Black Crescent medical team, treating people in the anti-WTO, forest protection, and peace movements.


During the last two decades of her life, Dr. Silva has been awarded grants from Spirit Mountain Community Fund, Curry Stone Foundation, Fulbright Specialist Program and the Federal Bureau of Maternal and Child Health. These acknowledgements and awards funded her groundbreaking massage treatment program for children with autism, downs syndrome, and cerebral palsy. She has published twenty-one scientific studies, seven books, two films, and developed courses for parents, health professionals, and trainers and worked with hundreds of families in North America, Asia, Europe, and Palestine. Details can be found on the non-profit organization, QSTI.org.


Dr. Silva received many awards, including The Hatfield Award for Most Promising Autism Researcher. She has been a ten-year member of the Curry Stone Foundation and Design Prize Board of Directors.


Louisa enjoyed Italian fashion, opera, and dance.  She had a passion for gardening, cooking, and gathering friends in her home for meals, wine and conversation. She loved Indie and foreign films, reading, and TV dramas about midwives and nurses. She loved walking at Minto Brown, hiking in the Oregon mountain ranges, and Cascade Head with her dog, James Brown. The greatest joys in Louisa’s life were with her daughter Rhoie Silva-Eiler and family, son-in law Jason Eiler and grandsons, of Springfield, Oregon.


Louisa is survived by four siblings and families: Paul Silva family of Wisconsin, Andrew Silva family of Maryland, and Monique Sanners of California. She is also survived by her extended Oregon family: Delight Stone and Clifford Curry, Donna Cooper-Read,  Edwin Epifani and Jean Cockelreas, Sam Hall and Sue Leeson, Francoise and Gary McCuen, Kathy Lelack Green, Bonnie Lassila, Wendy Boring Petersen, Kathleen Dewoina and her co-workers, the staff of Salem Acupuncture.


Louisa will be missed by people all over the world.