The Conflictorium is a new kind of museum and interactive cultural center dedicated to exploring and reconciling the conflicts of South Asia. The center aspires to integrate art, law, history, culture & behavioral sciences to offer lessons and promote dialogue about the nature of conflict and the evergreen possibility of resolution and reconciliation.

Most museums and memorials across the world focus on a particular conflict, or on the particular dimensions a conflict. They memorialize a battle, a war, a genocide, or a victory. We wanted to honor the Conflictorium because it aspires to transcend this limited framework and speak more holistically about how conflicts begin and how they can be resolved.

The center was therefore designed with a series of thoughtful, universal exhibits such as the Gallery of Disputes, which

“aims to bring forth various kinds of conflicts and their causes in the context of our social fabric. Most often interlinked, these conflicts and their causes may become hard to define and understand.”

The Gallery of Disputes illustrates these conflicts and their causes through storytelling, using animal characters and other devices to ensure that the narratives remain universally accessible. The center also has an Empathy Alley, a Moral Compass, a Memory Lab, and a Sorry Tree. All exhibits focus continuously on unpacking conflict as an idea, and understanding the universal themes of intolerance which undergird all conflicts the world over.

We encourage you to learn more at the links below and follow their work. Or, if you’re in Ahmedabad, pay them a visit.

Conflictorium Website

Conflictorium on Timeout

Conflictorium in The Times of India

Tags: Architecture, Art, Asia, conflict, Peace­building


Mirzapur, India
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