Farm Cultural Park

Farm Cultural Park is a cultural center which hosts expositions, political art and other cultural events in Favara, Sicily, Italy. Founded by Andrea Bartoli and Florinda Saieva in 2010, the center has attracted tourists from all over the world. The town of Favara had previously been known as one of the more dilapidated parts of Italy, characterized by high unemployment. The cultural exercise has been a process of community engagement and development. The infusion of art into daily life has given spirit to a rejuvenation; Farm Cultural Park now occupies the entirety of the historic downtown center of Favara.

The project began when Bartoli bought several buildings in the city center and expanded outward. In present ­day Favara, the exteriors of buildings are used as giant canvases and the public squares feature works by artists renown throughout Italy and the world.

We honor Farm Cultural Park for its leadership in creating community through art and public space. While most commissions are funded through grants, state support and philanthropy, Farm Cultural Park arose much more organically. Through networking and word of mouth, Farm Cultural Park has managed to attract some of the best artists in Italy, and the world, to exhibit their work in a small, out of the way town.

Farm Cultural Park Website

Tags: Art, Community Engagement, Europe

Farm Cultural Park

Favara, Italy
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