L’Oeuf (l’Office de l’Éclectisme Urbain et Fonctionnel) is a Montreal-based design practice founded by Daniel Pearl and Mark Poddubiuk in 1992. Current partners include Pearl, as well as, Bernard Olivier and Sudhir Suri. Since then, the firm has developed a national and international reputation as a leader in sustainable architecture, urban housing, residential and commercial renovation.  L’Oeuf’s work is characterized by a broad interpretation of ‘sustainability,’ striking to find a balance between affordability, ecological efficiency and architectural detail.


Like many of our February honorees, L’Oeuf emphasizes building community over building buildings.  Or, perhaps more precisely, examines the relationship between the two.  The interplay between building, occupant and environment creates a potential for design innovation at multiple scales.

While running a full practice, L’Oeuf has also contributed academically and theoretically to the field of sustainable practice.

Pearl has previously taught at McGill and UQAM, and currently teaches part-time at the Université de Montreal.

L’oeuf’s design philosophy and innovations are well surveyed in a recent book co-edited by Pearl called Community-Inspired Housing in Canada, which describes Canadian Design’s efforts to avoid private development and instead promote affordable, sustainable housing on the much-contested Benny Farm site in Notre-Dame de Grace.  The Benny Farm site was the world’s first government-subsidized, large-scale, community-driven neighborhood renewal project.  L’Oeuf’s success was in navigating competing concerns of ecological sustainability, affordability, working with government agencies and stimulating necessary changes to legislation in order to move the project forward.  The success of the project moved the needle in how we think about green affordable housing.

We encourage you to check out the book, which you can find at the links below.  Additionally, there is a short video on L’Oeuf’s work which provides interesting insight into both their philosophy and methods.


L'Oeuf's website

Tags: Affordable Housing, North America, Social Housing, Sustainable Building


Montreal, Canada
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