MVD is an Austrian collective that works to bring a political view to how public space is utilized. Their work focuses much on housing, and can be viewed as an extension of the legacy of early modernists, who have struggled with the question of housing for a century.

The groups early notoriety stemmed from several public installations, typified by “add on. 20 höhenmeter,” a rising, DIY installation which reached a height of 20 meters in Wallensteinplatz, Vienna. The work was organically assembled, with contributions invited by the public. It contained spaces for living, eating, observing and provocatively blurred the lines between what we think of as private space and public space. The project was completed with the assistance of students, and while temporary, left an indelible mark on the public consciousness by showing how public space can be co-opted.

More recently, the group has published The Vienna Model: Housing for the Twenty-First-Century City – a comprehensive examination of 100 years of social housing in Vienna. The project examined dozens of prototypical projects that chart the evolving idea of public space and social housing in Vienna.

Their work is extensive and appears in lectures, workshops, exhibitions and built works. Please take time to learn more at the links below.

MVD Website

MVD Vimeo Channel

Tags: Civic Empowerment, Public Space, Urban Strategies


Eindhoven, The Netherlands
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