Pico Colectivo

PICO Project of Community Interest

PICO is a multi-disciplinary design collective, co-founded in 2011 and led by Marcos Coronel, Juan Castillo and Kenneth Gómez, based in Caracas and Barquisimeto, Venezuela.

Their work focuses on political intervention in popular neighborhood gathering spaces.  They begin their process by connecting with neighborhood groups interested in development, and their sites of intervention are typically hillside or odd-shaped – areas that are neglected by conventional development schemes.  Through their community based process, PICO challenges assumptions about what can be done with territory, and what can be transformed through existing community assets.

PICO focuses on projects that promote social empowerment, through a democratic processes for decision-making, based on a legal framework which allows communities to create their own urban policies and local norms through popular assembly.

Their practice is also heavily focused on the creative use of reclaimed materials from a variety of industries, critically examining how extraordinary spaces can be created with the ordinary.

Active members of PICO include Karina Domínguez, José Bastidas, Ana Karina Vielma, Adriano Pastorino, Bárbara Saman, Emanuel Bueno, María Isabel Ramírez, Manuel Coronel and Stevenson Piña.


Pico Colectivo

Caracas, Venezuela
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