Cliff Curry and Delight Stone

Cliff Curry and Delight Stone are American philanthropists and founders of the Curry Stone Design Prize.

Curry comes to philanthropy from a career in architecture with more than thirty-five years of experience focused on senior living. The American Institute of Architects recognized him with a Fellowship designation for his work in the senior living community and promoting humanitarian design. In 2007, he cofounded the Curry Stone Foundation which funds a public interest design award, the Curry Stone Design Prize.

Delight Stone is a philanthropist, historical archaeologist, and community activist. Her activism has been local, national, and international with a particular focus on community vitality. It includes work in archaeology, cultural resource management, architectural preservation and design, public health, and environmental and social justice. Activism work includes participation with the Reclaiming group Living River, North Santiam Watershed Council in opposition to the Kinross Copper Mine, and the creation of the Guadalupe Medical Clinic.

Through the foundation, the pair have supported a variety causes, bound by the belief that public health requires that all people have access to shelter, healthcare, education, and clean air, food and water. We also believe that true public health requires people to live in a time of peace.

On January 11, 2018, we sat down with Cliff and Delight on Social Design Insights, to discuss the evolution of the Curry Stone Design Prize and the future of Social Design.


Cliff Curry and Delight Stone

Bend, United States
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