The CSDP Network

Over the last few years, the design world has been transformed by a growing movement seeking to address the most urgent issues our planet currently faces. Artists, designers, architects and academics from across disciplines have begun to test new ideas, concepts and spatial solutions in efforts to create more sustainable ways of inhabiting planet Earth. These proposals are not necessarily trying to address the global scale of the crisis immediately. Rather, these efforts use design to address local social, environmental and economic problems in their own communities, starting at a local level and advancing step by step through trial, mistakes, failure and improvements.

The Curry Stone Design Prize seeks to support this movement in the social design world. Each year, we select prize winners who represent this movement of hope. However, because there are so many ways of seeing the world — and just as many paths toward redesigning it for the better — we also honor a handful of additional Curry Stone Design Fellows. It is our hope that this fellowship gives visibility to some of the world’s most innovative projects and helps build networks to support the development of new approaches and ideas.

The Curry Stone Design Prize Fellows will be released on the website in 2016.