Curry Stone Design Prize

2009 Winner

Transition Network
Totnes, United Kingdom

The Transition Network, founded in 2005, is an international community-led response to global warming and declining oil reserves.

The Transition concept first emerged from an ecological design course taught by Rob Hopkins at a college in Ireland. “Transition” is centered on the idea of building resilience to crisis by “unlocking the collective genius of the community,” in Hopkins’ words.

The first Transition Town developed in 2006 in Totnes, England, where local residents, led by Hopkins, joined together to grow more local food in community gardens, plan more pedestrian- and bike-friendly streets, lower their energy use, and even create their own local currency to encourage spending within the local economy, as well as looking for opportunities to replace currency altogether with bartering.

Since then, Transition Initiatives have sprouted up all over the world from Japan to New Zealand to the United States, with more than 1,000 official initiatives in over 34 countries.

The Transition movement is purposefully decentralized, with each community taking autonomous action but linked to each other through conferences and an online wiki where ideas are exchanged. Individuals send out “pulses of ideas,” which communities then adapt for their own purposes.

Our starting point is that we’re all in this situation together.
— Rob Hopkins




Tags: 2009 Winners, Europe, Sustainability, Urban Projects

Transition Network

Totnes, United Kingdom
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